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Did Sean Cody Just Release Well-Hung Brysen's Comeback Scene?

  Sean cody brysen and sean bareback the gay republic

On August 11, 2018, Sean Cody model Brysen announced on his Instagram account that he will be retiring from the gay porn industry. 




The gay republic- sean cody brysen

Brysen stated his reason for his  that his retirement:

"I have stepped away from the porn industry to seek other employment opportunities" and requests that his fans "... try to keep the topic of conversation off my past work in the adult film industry. if you want to compliment me that’s one thing but flirting and being groapy will just get ya put in your place," 

Brysen's career with Sean Cody started in September 2016 (solo), first duo scene with co-star Lane (Nov 12, 2016)until his last scene which was released on June 28, 2018, with co-star Brock. Brysen has 22 scenes filmed with the studio for his fans to queue up

Today, in a complete reversal, Brysen seems to be back with Sean Cody or the studio was just holding onto their last Brysen scene. Either way, fans of Brysen will love watching him fuck Sean.


Sean cody brysen- the gay republic

Hunky Sean (Sean Cody 28th scene)and chiseled stud Brysen (Sean Cody 23th scene) meet up for a play date, and before they make it to their destination, horny Brysen is already thinking about cumming. “What do you think about jacking off right here?” asks dark-haired Brysen, as they stand outside the house.

“I’m so down,” giggles muscular Sean while untying his boxers. They beat their equally huge dicks side by side, stroking faster and faster until they both shoot a creamy load, and then make their way inside. “You ready for me now?” asks Sean seductively, while pulling Brysen’s meat out his boxers. “Oh yeah,” says a happy Bryce.


Trailer (Watch Full Scene-HERE)

[Sean Cody: Brysen fucks Sean-Watch Full Scene]

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