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[EXCLUSIVE] Reality Dudes [For The First Time] Uses An Actual Pop Song To Promote Their New BareBack Scene-You'll Never Guess Which Song

Reality dudes song[EXCLUSIVE] Reality Dudes [For The First Time]Uses An Actual Pop Song To Promote Their New BareBack Scene - You'll Never Guess Which Song



RealityDudes have released their latest scene, (starring muscular hunk Dustin Steele and Julian Knowles) except, slightly unusual I think- They’ve used an actual song to promote it.

Now, there was a time when most porns had a cheesy dance track behind the action, or worse.

I admit, after viewing the scene, I became inquisitive as to the song, and the singer if you’re wondering-it ’s an Andy Powell track called, “Pretty Little Lies” featuring Linda Roan(2017). 

The “Pretty Little Lies” scene as described by Reality Dudes Network:

Dustin Steele and buff babe Julian Knowles meet up in the locker room shower for some quick play. Tattooed Julian takes bearded Dustin’s thick rod down his throat, and Dustin follows up licking his ass, and wetting his tight hole, before slowly working his thick, raw, cock into his perfect bubble butt.

Please enjoy the music while watching the action.

Trailer (Reality Dudes: Watch Full Scene-HERE)

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