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Str8UpGayPorn Awards Forced To Announce Sponsorship After The Gay Republic's Report


Str8UpGayPorn Awards Forced To Announce Sponsorship After The Gay Republic's Report



The Gay Republic was the first to report that there was a huge issue with the 2nd Annual Str8upGayPorn Awards besides changing the date, location, and venue.

It was cold hard cash.

The self-proclaimed website boasts the show made history with "filming the event"- really? filming the event. I guess Str8UpGayporn Awards didn' like their own show since according to their press release the best part of their show is getting filmed by a third party.


Well, PornHub begs to differ on the account that they have chosen NOT to repeat their presenting sponsorship for the second year. A Pornsnub if you will. 


Money is the driving force with all awards shows and Str8UpGayPorn Awards isn't immune. But, it has to sting that even with the co-owner of the website who promotes several gay porn studios still fell short as it relates to funding.

It's been said, that since The Gay Republic report, a last-minute deal was finally reached with Flirt4Free to fill the 'presented by' awards vacant spot. 

It's cutting it close since the awards show in barely a month away. That's making history right there. 


But, my god the StrUpGayPorn website attempted to seek in sponsorship with a linking on the website as to give the impression it was there the whole time- a link-how gosh.

If the Presenting Sponsor gets a LINK from the website its presenting [are you fucking kidding me. What do you get if you fill an "In association with" spot, an email with a smiley face emoji and a gift card from the restaurant of your choice? 


Competing with iconic shows such as Gayvn, Grabby's, and the Cybersocket Awards shows isn't going to be easy. And having an editor that publicly attacks the talent in the industry they allegedly 'showcase' doesn't help.

The website might not be as popular as it thinks it is. Don't be surprised that they claim the show is sold-out. If that was true, funding would never be an issue- right?

Before I forget, Flirt4Free, a new presenting sponsor isn't even mentioned in their new role in the show. So, yeah there's that too.

Stay Strong Flirt4Free. 








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