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Room 106

Who ordered the pizza?





When Pheonix Fellington answers Liam Cyber’s knock at the door, he wastes no time pulling him inside and making out. After they rip each other’s clothes off, Liam gets down to wrap his lips around Pheonix’s gigantic cock. Pheonix teases Liam’s ass leaving Liam begging to get fucked when there’s a knock at the door.

Pizza boy Devin Franco shows up to make a delivery. Pheonix Fellington answers the door but finds he doesn’t have enough money for a tip. Pheonix apologies for not being able to give him a tip, but unexpectedly Devin grabs Pheonix’s hard cock wanting for more than just the tip.

Devin Franco sucks on Liam Cyber’s thick cock while Pheonix Fellington rims his hole from behind. When Devin’s hole is nice and lubed up, Pheonix slides his thick cock into the eager pizza boy. He pumps away with powerful thrusts while Devin keeps his mouth full of Liam’s rod.

Pheonix Fellington and Liam Cyber take turns going at Devin Franco’s hole raw until Pheonix fucks Liam’s ass while his cock is still inside of Devin, creating a steamy fuck train. With a cock in his ass and his dick drilling Devin, Liam is unable to hold back any longer and he sprays a load on Devin’s used hole and shoves his cock back in.

Pheonix Fellington takes one last go at Devin Franco’s hole and glazes the delivery boy with his seed before shoving it back in to fuck Devin’s load out of him, leaving the pizza boy drenched in cum.

Trailer (Watch Full Scene - HERE)

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