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Gay Porn Superstar Woody Fox Makes Bottoming Debut With Nic Sahara In "Five Brothers"

Woody fox bottoming debutWoody Fox's Bottoming Debut is HERE...


Woody Fox and Nic Sahara


Nic Sahara & Woody Fox “Wonderful Distraction” It's 3 am on the Las Vegas Strip and everything is lit, including Nic Sahara who stumbles out of a liquor store and heads to his car. Sexy Aussie Woody Fox sees Nic fumbling with his keys and looking like he’s having a really bad day, so Woody offers to help drive the car and drunk Nic home.


As soon as they get to Nic’s, it's on! Nic feasts on Woody’s huge cock and Woody fucks his face with tears streaming down his face. Woody flips Nic over his lap and eats Nic’s cute bubble butt. Woody sits back as Nic climbs on top of him and lowers his perfect ass on Woody’s throbbing huge cock. Nic rides Woody reverse cowboy and the giant dick slams into Nic’s hole. They Nic says “Now I want to fuck you!” Woody is hesitant “Uhhh, that’s not really my thing, but ok… why not! Go for it”. Nic bends Woody over and delicately eats Woody’s virgin hole.


Then Nic stands to fuck Woody doggie-style… for the first time! He starts slow, then eases into pounding Woody’s virgin white ass. Then Nic begs Woody to fuck him again with his gigantic dick, choking him until Nic blows his load all over then drops to his knees to suck down every drop of Woody’s hot load. Woody’s Aussie charm and huge cock are a wonderful distraction from the haunting troubles of Nic’s dark world.  

Trailer (Watch Full Scene - HERE)

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